All our products is available for wholesale orders for retailers and e-shoppers!

If you are interested to cooperate with us, please contact us, quoting your VAT Registration Number (for EU countries), some short details about your store, products that you interest, and we'll send you our latest catalogues with wholesale prices and co-operation notes.

Please note that all our products can be made OEM products, with customer details, in any language and choice of what will appear on the label!

Some benefits & features:

  • FLAVOURS: All the flavours can be manufacture on customer needs with ability to increase or decrease some of the included ingredients and the names of our flavours you can rename it in your (familiar) name..
  • DILUENTS: You can select various combinations for your diluents, including the selection ability for AVG of Pure Glycerin.
  • SCALED PRICES: Like our e-shop, our products prices scaled based on your choices.
  • OEM: All our products can be ΟΕΜ products, ie. the label sticker with customer details, logo, language and the choice of what will be indicated on the label... with free of charge!
  • LABELS: All the labels for wholesale orders printed in vinyl paper (glossy or matte) with finishing cutting in various dimensions and drafts. Plus, we can laminate your labels.
  • BOTTLES: You can select between high grade PET (clear) plastic bottles with double-proof cap or pharmaceutical glass bottles (with glass pipette or cap with internal dropper) in 4 colours: clear, amber, green or blue.
  • COMBINATIONS: You can construct your unique combination with our flavours.
  • MADE IN EU: The diluents is pure, without any strengthens or enhancers and the flavours is the best selected. Both selected from European Union (only) factories which produce raw materias for e-liquids and not for general or food usage.
  • PURITY: In all products there is no additional mixing with flavour strengthens, sweeteners or flavour enhancers!
  • Minimum order for flavours: 50x10ml or/and 30x30ml or/and 20x50ml or/and 10x100ml (plastic or glass, in total order).

Our catalogues with pricelist & flavours list updated every month with new abilities and new flavours!

You can inform for the best selling flavours on the monthly Flavours Top-20 depending on retails & wholesales orders.

If you want to create for your store or e-shop your own different and unique products, with a lot of creating options... don't hesitate to contact with us!

Over 250 flavours and unlimited options are available for everyone!

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