PayPal & Cards Online

Due to latest years strictly restrictions & limitations or electronic cigarettes -which tries to make it similar to traditional cigarettes- the PayPal & other payments companies starts to limit and ban the business accounts which works on vape industry.
So, a lot of companies (we too) must remove the online auto-transactions tools (especially those with PayPal & cards online scripts).

Now, the only payment method in our website is the Bank Transfer...
But, if you want to make your order and pay with other way, we can help you!

Right now, we support:
- Bank Transfer (Alpha, NBG, WinBank)
- Cards Online (Visa, Mastercard etc. in secure link via our business account in Viva)
- Revolut
(business or personal)
- Western Union (cash payments)
- PayZy (cards & bank transfer -only for Greece-)

*** PayPal (will not support anymore)

Sadly, any of the above options -right now- can't be directly-online due to vape industry limitations...

1- You can make your order and to select Bank Transfer (the only payment method).
2- Then you write in comments which method you prefer to pay, or reply us in mail order.
3- We'll reply you ASAP with specific details to make the payment with your option...

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