• Sucralose 10% (Sweetener)

The "Sucralose*", is a artificial sweetener & sugar substitute (10% diluted in PG), which is tasteless and very sweet.
Used to give a sweeter taste to the liquids.

Add 3 to 10 drops per 10ml and shake well to see the sweet results. Add more if you want sweeter taste.

  • CAS Number 56038-13-2
  • EC Number 25-952-2
  • Boiling Point: 105oC
  • Melting Point: 115oC
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free

Produced from ingredients approved in food industry.

* The sucralose product sells on liquid form, do not confuse by the product pic as powder!

Sucralose 10% (Sweetener)

  • Brand: Flavours Lab
  • Product Code: SUC-10
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